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Additional Environmental Approval applications

The Coronavirus outbreak has affected how planning applications are processed, and how easy it is to implement planning permission, if it is granted. For some sorts of applications, you will now have an automatic extension on the amount of time you can take to implement the permission. This means you have more time to build or make the development that you got the planning permission for. 

Planning permission extensions

In some original applications which involved an Environmental Impact Assessment or a Habitats Regulation Assessment, permission can only be extended with an Additional Environmental Approval. This is to ensure that there have not been any changes since the consideration of the original Assessments which would now make that consideration out of date.

If you have been granted planning permission, but there has been a delay in implementing this permission, the following extensions will apply:

  • Permissions that lapse between 19 August and 31 December 2020 are automatically extended to 1 May 2021. You do not need to do anything.
  • Permissions that lapsed between 23 March 2020 and 18 August 2020 can be extended to 1 May 2021, provided an Additional Environmental Approval application is granted. You must submit your Additional Environmental Approval application by 2 December 2020, if this applies to you.

View the GOV.UK website to learn more about these permission extensions, and why Additional Environmental Approval applications are necessary.

How to apply

Unlike with other types of planning application, you cannot make an Additional Environmental Approval application through the GOV.UK Planning Portal. You have to contact us directly.

To make your application, please email us at and include the following information:

  • The original planning permission which you were granted. You can find the reference number of your original planning application by viewing our Planning Applications Register
  • Any condition which sets out a time limit for implementation. You should find this information on your decision notice.
  • Whether the original permission was subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment and/or a Habitats Regulation Assessment, or screening for either type of assessment
  • Any condition or other agreement which related to environmental mitigation or enhancement measures. You should find this information on your decision notice.

If your original permission was subject to Environmental Impact Assessment or a Habitats Regulation Assessment, or screening for either of these

In this case, you will also need to provide the following details with your Additional Environmental Approval application:

  • Any original assessment or screening, and a summary of the key findings
  • Information on any mitigation measures secured to address environmental effects, and the progress toward delivering these measures.
  • An environmental report containing a reasoned explanation of why you feel that there have been no changes to environmental circumstances which would make the original screening or assessment out of date. For example, it may be appropriate to include the following:
    • an analysis of any further committed development proposals which may affect the assessment of cumulative effects, and why in the applicant’s view this does not make the original assessment out of date.
    • a description of any changes to the factual circumstances of the proposed development, such as a new environmental designation, new environmental information or other changes of circumstance, and an analysis of why in the applicant’s view this does not make the original assessment out of date.
  • Any other relevant information which you feel would suggest that the previous screenings or assessments remain up to date.

If there was no assessment, or screening for assessment, for your original planning application

In making an Additional Environmental Approval application, you need to compare any environmental factors which affected your original planning application, and decide if there have been any important changes which would affect the status of your application, if it was being made now.

  • Where there was no assessment for the original application, you will need to confirm that you think no assessment would be needed, if you were making a brand new application now.
  • Where there was no screening for assessment, but you think that the situation now would require screening, you should provide relevant environmental information to enable us to carry out screening within the 28-day period that we are processing your application

Next steps

There is no fee to pay for this application.

We will aim to process and decide on any Additional Environmental Approval application within 28 days of the day that we receive it.